Frequently Asked Questions

Bring a drink bottle and wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. You will receive a free Jets t-shirt upon enrolment which will help you look the part.

Generally 8:1 coaching ratio (Take Off and Learn to Fly Programs), 6:1 (TNT) and 10:1 (Astro Girls and Squad).
*All classes can have up to 10:1

Not in preschool programs however you can leave the venue during weekday after school programs or during Saturday classes. Parent/guardian supervision is required up until class begins and you are required to pick up from inside the venue at the conclusion of the class.

Take Off:

  • Includes Comets, Meteors and Apollos
  • Work through the foundation skills and fundamentals
  • Up to 1 year in Apollos depending on grade and skill

Learn to Fly:

  • Levels system takes 6 months-1 year+ to progress through
  • Programs differ by grade/ year level
  • Chat to your coach for detailed information about your child’s progression

Our programs have been developed specifically to ensure proper preparation for development and will vary as the term progresses. Our programs are designed to allow progress to be tracked by coaches to ensure that your child is placed in the most suitable class. Our coaches always love to hear from you if you have any questions related to your child’s class.

We are confident that gymnastics is an investment in your child’s future that will provide returns for life. You will see more than just gymnastics skills learned here.

Gymnastics teaches confidence, helps brain learning, class structure, goal setting and much more. We provide a safe, fully matted facility to ensure your child will learn gymnastics in the safest environment possible. Our coaches are all fully qualified to ensure that your child receives the highest quality lesson. We are confident that the benefits will extend into school, other sports and life.

At the Elite Level gymnastics can be physically demanding. However gymnastics is actually one of the safest sports children can do. Our strong focus on initially developing dominant movement patterns before skill learning means gymnastics is a sport that follows a holistic approach for optimal development.


Our Jets centres are among the few in the world to fully cover our floor with foam matting from wall to wall, making Jets the safest gymnastics club to attend.

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