Gymnastics is acknowledged as the basis of all sports providing balance, discipline, flexibility, co-ordination and motor skills” – Gymnastics Victoria


All gymnasts love flipping and flying through the air, but there is actually a LOT more to gain from gymnastics and many more reasons why you should consider joining the ‘gym club’:


  1. It’s a sport…for all sports


According to Gymnastics Victoria, gymnastics provides a great foundation for ALL sports, developing strength and power, flexibility, balance, agility and coordination … skills needed for all other sports.



  1. Keeps you healthy, active and fit


When you’re tumbling around at gymnastics training, you work pretty much EVERY muscle in your body and condition your cardio-vascular system.


  1. Strength


With all the jumping, swinging, climbing and flipping involved in gymnastics, a gymnast’s muscle development and overall body strength is enhanced. Almost all gymnastics activities use exclusively body weight exercises to build upper and lower body, as well as core strength.


  1. Good posture


There’s no doubt gymnastics promotes good posture, as most skills and stretches require gymnasts to have straight backs and keep their shoulders back…there’s definitely no slouching at Jets!



  1. Flexibility


Gymnastics activities lengthen and stretch muscles, which in turn improves posture, muscle coordination and reduces the risk of injury and back pain.


  1. Agility and balance


Agility training in gymnastics builds connections in the brain which generates quick reaction time and encourages the body to develop balance, which increases overall body stability.


  1. Persistence and resilience


Sometimes when a gymnast goes to fly, they fall, while other times they soar. Gymnastics teaches fierce determination when it comes to mastering skills. If you do fall, pick yourself up and fly again. Remember…winners are just losers who decided to try again.



  1. Confidence and self-esteem


Learning new skills at gymnastics builds self-confidence, in the same way that mastering new skills boosts self-esteem.


  1. Social interaction and life skills


Being a part of a gymnastics team teaches social skills and requires kids to stand in line, share equipment, listen and take on board the coach’s feedback. Overall gymnastics develops life skills, including patience, being able to follow instructions and respect others.


  1. Improves mental focus, concentration and discipline


Gymnastics requires immense concentration on the activities and skills being performed, thereby improving mental focus, which can be applied to tasks outside the gymnasium, like school or work.


  1. Enhances motor and coordination skills


Gymnastics movements and skills teach fundamental motor skills of stability and locomotion. By running, jumping, landing, rolling and performing various body shapes, gymnasts learn to use different parts of their body in different ways.



  1. Body and spatial awareness


By moving your body in a myriad of ways, more connections are made in the brain that improve spatial and body awareness. Improved spatial awareness leads to enhanced mathematical and geometric understanding.


  1. Weather and seasons aren’t a factor


Doesn’t matter if rain or shine – gymnastics runs all year round…so you don’t have to wait until a particular season to start flying!


  1. It’s FUN!


If jumping on the trampolines, tumbling and flipping on the floor, flying on bars and balancing on beams isn’t the definition of FUN, we don’t know what is!