National Level 10 Jets gymnast, Cleo Lowery and coach James Devlin have officially been a gymnast and coach team for 10 years!


The pair celebrated their coach and gymnast milestone in May, ahead of Cleo competing in the Australian Gymnastics Championships at Hisense Arena.


Cleo says the Jets head coach is more like a second dad, than a gymnastics coach.


“He’s helped me get through not only gym stuff, but life as well … I don’t know where I’d be without him to be honest!”


The gymnast began her long-time career in a recreational program at Jets Eltham back in 2007. Not longer after, James snatched her up and moved her into a competitive squad.



James says the experience of coaching a gymnast for a decade is “amazing”.


“I characterise it more like an uncle and niece rather than a coach and gymnast it’s been that long together!” He said.


Moments such as competing at Melbourne’s Hisense Arena, amongst the country’s best makes all the effort Cleo has put into training worthwhile.


“I’ve been doing gym for 10 years and it’s just amazing that I’ve gotten this far,” she said.


“These moments definitely make it all worth it.”



When it comes to competition, James emphasises the journey is always more important than the destination.


“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get here in the first place … that should be the thing you focus on and the experience rather than the .1 or .2 here and there in the results.”