Our specially designed and structured programs allow for any kids aged 6 months-18 years to fly into gymnastics with no limit to what they can achieve!

"All of the kids had so much fun at my daughters party, especially when you made the Birthday girl fly! "


Read our blog for science-backed tips, smart workout plans, and the motivation you need to put both of those things into action.

Olympic gymnast Larrissa Miller loves Rio

If Australian Olympic gymnast Larrissa Miller had to choose a favourite competition out of her long-term career –…

10 years and counting: a Jet’s milestone

National Level 10 Jets gymnast, Cleo Lowery and coach James Devlin have officially been a gymnast and coach…

14 reasons why gymnastics is the best sport

“Gymnastics is acknowledged as the basis of all sports providing balance, discipline, flexibility, co-ordination and motor skills” –…

5 healthy foods and snacks you should be consuming as a gymnast

Have you ever of heard of gymnastics food?   According to Sports Dietitians Australia there are specific foods…

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